Android內戰:Google Vs. Amazon

作者: Jas / 發表於 2011-05-18

Google Android Vs. Amazon Android

分析Apple iDevices( iPhone, iPad & iPod touch )的成功時,許多人不約而同都會提到Apple的App Store。

彷彿Apple App Store的成功已是眾所公認,即使最瞧不起iDevices的人,恐怕也很難抹滅App Store之於iDevices熱銷的貢獻。

反觀Google Android,每次看到網頁設計像半成品就丟上線的Android Market,不免讓人想到:如果Android Market更長進一點,iDevices的好日子恐怕就不多了吧。




TechCrunch有篇文章則更進一步指出:Amazon不只想要推出自己的Android平板電腦,Amazon想要做的是另起爐灶,重新打造一座專屬於Amazon Android平板電腦的Amazon Android Market。

Fast forward to last week. In an interview with Consumer Reports, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said two words when asked about a new Amazon tablet that set the Internet on fire: “stay tuned.” The following day, the site Android and Me published another tip coming from “an industry insider with direct knowledge” who says that Amazon is not only gearing up to launch one Android device, but an “entire family” of them. And those devices would come in time for this holiday season.

如果真是如此,在傳統的iOS Vs. Android大戰的同時,世界最大出版商也將正式向世界最大廣告商宣戰了。