1062 pages impressions

作者: Jas / 發表於 2004-11-08

 今早開信箱,發現一封來自Lycos UK的信,內容如下:

Dear jas,

During the last 30 days, your website on Tripod
(http://members.lycos.co.uk/jaschyo) achieved 1062 pages impressions.
This makes your site one of the most popular of the Tripod community in
United Kingdom.

If you want to increase your page impressions even more take a look at
the following tips that have been compiled for you by the Lycos Tripod
team: http://www.tripod.lycos.co.uk/local/popular/.

We hope you find this information useful and good luck making your
website even more popular!

Best regards,
The Lycos Tripod Team.

我還沒有很確切弄清pages impressions計算的方式,不過,總之這算是一件好事吧,不但達到了「至少50pages impressions,否則砍站」的基本要求,而且還得到來自管理團隊的恭賀:成為最受歡迎的網站之一。